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Nonprofiters is a reference guide for organizations and individuals involved with home and houseless communities! Our mission is to help case managers working with home/houseless individuals help more people by making information easier to access.

One of the lengthiest processes in taking an individual from homelessness to housing is the amount of back-and-forth spent from the moment a client requests a service until the service is actually received. This process can take days (and in more extreme cases, weeks), and usually involves:

  • Asking the client for information
  • Matching a client with a service
  • Scheduling the service
  • Actually having the client get the service

This process is further stalled depending on the availability of the client and how easy it is to reach that client.


The following is a list of our milestones and accomplishments:

Date Event
2017-02-01 User:Oz becomes homeless and creates a spreadsheet of resources
2017-02-23 Version 1 of the project is launched, which is still accessible at
2017-11-07 Launched Version 4 of the project, which is still accessible at
2018-01-27 Attended the Portland Ideation Summit, were the project was collaborated on and the idea for the wiki was created
2018-02-11 First linked to the wiki on Twitter and started gaining exposure
2018-02-12 First anonymous page created at Transition Projects (Doreen's Place)
2018-02-25 First requests outside of Portland

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